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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Its nature - not the God

My last blog highlighted two important points to indicate that natural laws are enforced on us and the Lord allows it and also different forces can coexist at a same time in a same matter.

Understanding matter in details reveal that the primitive form of matter is nothing but ‘physical self’ only. This implies that a matter in this state is life-less, just assumes a visible physical form and in terms of the ancient Indian philosophy, it is completely under the influence of Tamah(ignorance) guna (mode) of nature.

The next stage is known as ‘vital self or ‘self of life’. This stage defines the living creatures of lower side of life cycle, up to animal level. Tamah guna is predominant while Rajah guna is experienced while we move up along the pyramid up to animal world.

Now, the most significant stage emerges. It’s known as living being with ‘Mental Self’. Particularly human being falls under this category. Although, now science says that even animals can think and they too have a mind. But human mind is different from other creatures. The human brain, which controls emotions etc, is much more developed than other animal brains. This alone highlights the difference between human being and animal. Also Sattva(Virtue) guna can be observed in creatures with “Mental Self”. This sattva guna makes all the difference between an animal and a human being.

Actually these three gunas are present in all the human beings in different proportions. Excess of one or two gunas specifically defines the character of a person. At the same time we must also remember that +ve and –ve aspects are always, in some proportion, present in all the creatures. So the devilish as well as virtue ness are the two extreme poles of human characters.

A little soul searching will reveal the animalistic attitude present in us. But the presence of sattva guna helps to control the effects of tamah and rajah guna. So it is clear that criminals have an excess of tamah and rajah guna as well as a minimum of sattva guna.

This also highlights that the God isn’t behind our acts directly but nature plays an important role with the 3 gunas to influence our mind and we helplessly act. These 3 gunas make the chain of karmic bondage around us. God allows nature to cast a net of 3 gunas on us so sustain the creation by the variation of these 3 gunas. Remember in equilibrium of these 3 gunas will cause annihilation.

If we are so helpless before these three gunas, how can we break the chain of karmic bondage?

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