Unconventionally discussed the teachings of the Gita. The Gita -- Analysis by a sinner: What is an Act or Karma ??
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Friday, July 18, 2008

What is an Act or Karma ??

The "8 path theory" of Buddha, the theory of Maya of Sri Sankar and other contemporary relevant theories highlight the importance of Self knowledge, sacrifice, affection and devotion.

But it’s only in the Gita, where we find the reference of “act” or “karma” to play a vital role in shaping our next birth and in defining the karmic bondage. And surprisingly, the Gita very clearly declares that no one can survive without karma.

But why is it so? The Gita analyses life from a practical view point. All of us know that karma inflicts on us karmic bondage. And while defining karma, we make a mistake. The Gita rescues us. The Gita gives a proper and exhaustive definition of karma. The Lord says in the Gita that everything, necessary to survive, is karma. Just by abstaining from a particular act doesn’t mean that we have become "actless" and thereby going to break the karmic bondage.

The Gita teaches us that the concept of "actless" is nothing but a way to escape the reality. The reality is that we are, all the time, working and working with out taking a rest.

It was hard to me to grasp this idea initially. But when I go to sleep I feel my heart is talking to me, lungs are busy pulling pure air for my body to initiate necessary chemical reactions to keep the body alive. Although, as I slowly slip into sweet dreams, i feel that inside of my body, lot of things are happening. Also I helplessly realize that I have no control over these acts.

Oh ! this realization of not having control over my own body severely hit my ego. I felt like a puppet only. I kept on thinking and reading the Gita. Gradually …..

It opens a whole new window of knowledge for me. I remember that my mom unable to move her hand after a cerebral stroke. Yes, I understand truly we have no control over our own body. So how can I claim control over the act executed by this body?

This question really baffled me a lot and in the end taught me a good lesson - I have learned that I’m being controlled in absolute terms.

The purpose of this post is to share my realization that all of us are working hard to survive although we have no control over our activities.

This “no control” realization is important to understand the theory of Karma.

Then who and how the acts are being controlled? Please wait for my next post. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

If u r not a saint, i must say u r doing a wonderful analysis. i'm trying to feel ur xperience. keep it up.

Adim Phukan said...

Excellent! I totally agree what youve written about. In my own blogs I'm examining, investigating about Destiny and "free will" and find this total lack of control, an actual reality beneath our illusion of our voluntary acts..keep up the good work!!