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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Controls my Karma

Why am I writing this blog? Why do I prefer to sleep than doing anything else? Why …….etc?

Some soul searching revealed that I'm not to be appreciated or criticized for any acts done by me. So who is to take credit/discredit?

Virtue, passion and ignorance – these 3 basic modes of the nature are behind all the activities done by me and by others.

I can remember three very important incidents in my life those defined my life style and philosophy. Ironically, I didn’t make any efforts to create those life shaping situations.

I don’t like to use the term ‘luck’ to explain those unwanted/unexpected turn of events. I realize that I was somehow forced to act in a predefined manner. I had no control over those significant events of my life. It just happened and I helplessly participated.

Real life experience gradually developes wisdom. This wisdom helps to understand that the nature is the source of those forces which are behind a particular situation while the pre defined path of my life is designed by none other than the Supreme Spirit.

Anyway, the fact is that whether we realize or not, we act even if apparently it seems that we are inactive. No one can escape from the net of energies woven around us by the nature.

So when everything is predefined by the Lord HIMSELF and those predefined orders are executed by the natural forces, how can we break the karmic bondage? ………………………………….

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