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Friday, August 1, 2008

An important Point to understand

I wrote my last blog (who controls my karma?) on the basis on verse no 3.5. The main intention of that post was to mention that Nature played the role to implement a predefind action with the help of Sattva(Virtue), rajah(passion) and Tamah(ignorance). It implied that we were directly in touch with the nature, a part of Supreme Soul.

So, according to my understanding it is the nature which cast a direct influence on us. This fact has an implicit meaning to understand my next post.

An interesting point was raised by one of my readers (Mr Jayanta) that why Lord allowed crime and .....................

For a long time, the debate is on. I'm also thinking why really the Lord isn't taking any step to stop crime. After all no logic can justify a crime. Well, in my next post, i'll discuss my understanding on this point. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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myspace.com/cynlyn10 said...

Why would he stop crime....!!?? when we were given free will...We as Humans have the choice of right or wrong...no on sits on our shoulders like in cartoons and tells us what to do....we make a choice....be for good or for bad...Unfortunately...this leads to bad things happening to good people...